Lake Fork

Lake Fork is known throughout the country for its record size bass. Every year Lake Fork hosts numerous fishing tournaments for bass, crappie, catfish and buffalo carp. The lake is conveniently located just 2 hours east of Dallas and about 2 hours west of Shreveport, Louisiana and 1 hour north of Tyler, Texas.

Little Caney Cabin is located in the heart of Lake Fork on the Little Caney Creek Cove. The cove is well known for it’s many bass spawning areas as well as ample catfish. The cove is protected from the wind, so when the other two forks of the lake are windy and rough, the waters in the cove are often quite and serene. There is also ample amounts of timber in the area, which the fish are quite fond of.

This part of the lake also attracts a large amount of wildlife. Herons and egrets nest in the tall trees of the cove and you might even see the occasional alligator, although she tends to stay at the far North end of the cove just off the bridge at County Road 1960.In the late fall and early winter, Pelicans can also be found in the cove. Cormorants and ducks gather here as well. The area also has ample amounts of deer.

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